Each day has two book ends, and I love them both! They are in my favorite top ten list.

Sunrise and sunset. I sat on the porch as a little girl in Colorado and watched the sun go down below the mountain range. Those brilliant golds, scarlets, pinks, and slates still captivated my heart. I relish them with childlike wonder to this day!

My husband and I have had the privilege to view many dawns and dusks together over the last 32 years. We lived as missionaries in four countries over the span of a decade. One of the most poignant sunsets I recall was when we started a Bible school in Odessa, Ukraine, right after Communism fell in 1996. At the end of our “first” day of school with 35 Soviet student who loved God, we embraced each other as the sunset. Our hearts sang for joy for the opportunity to go, yet we knew the trials and adjustments would be great in this foreign land. What a sign for hope and good that sunset meant for us.

Sunsets and sunrises are glimpses of what will be beyond this life. God is so eager to show us His glory that He lets a bit of it break through the heavens each morning and evening around the world. God wants us to know Him and that He is present — the Creator of the universe is bursting through the skies to touch our hearts. That is why I love these two beautiful book ends to each day — Sunrises and Sunsets.

The other nine things are

2) Love to read and write poetry.

3) Love the mountains and to photograph wildlife.

4) Have written a book, “Sabbath: A Gift of Time.” Available everywhere.

5) Love to travel and have lived abroad as a missionary for over ten years.

6) Love spending time with the likes of Bach, Mozart, and Schubert. I play classical piano. I’m not that good and play for myself. I endeavor to play a little each day, and it is one of the best uses of my time.

7) Love the gift of hospitality. I love entertaining. Sabbath evenings often find our table full of family and friends, with great food, fun, and warm fellowship. Think that hospitality is a missing art form in American culture today and would love to see it restored to the Church.

8) My husband and I have one daughter who is 27 and working on her MA in counseling. The greatest joy of my life has been to be a wife and mother. The gift of hospitality should flow out of the roots of family.

9) Have written two children’s books which I hope to have published this year.

10) Am so excited about my new blog space here, Almanac of Signs. You can also find eight years of my writing at here at www.bonniewilks.com.

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